Materials Colors

Shelter-Rite® fabric has proven its superior strength and performance in truck tarps the world over. The Shelter-Rite® proprietary weaving and coating system is unmatched in the industry and ensures that you get the ultimate in tarp performance and cost efficiency. The fabric is designed to withstand the rigors of the open road. Plus, every yard of Shelter-Rite fabric is backed by over 50 years of field-tested technology and customer care.

Made in USA

* Actual colors may vary from these representations

Vinyl Netting for Screen Tarps Available

Materials Colors

Shelter-Lite  -  New To Market

Materials Colors

With its strong nylon base fabric and a higher performance PVC coating formula, the new 13 oz. Shelter-Lite delivers the performance of an 18 oz. tarp fabric, yet weighs 28% less when compared to an average lumber tarp.

  • 28% Lighter
  • Strength From Nylon
  • Lower Long-Term Costs
  • Fewer Repairs
  • Better cold temperature flexibility

Made in USA      Shelter-Lite

* Actual colors may vary from these representations


Materials Colors Montana Canvas

Exclusively from Montana Canvas. Developed over 20 years ago for soft curtain sides on all tarps requiring a more pliable material for a light weight tarp and easier folding of excess material to the underneath side of tarps on shorter loads.

Especially made for light pliable sides

TRUCK TARPS by Montana Canvas

Constructed with 2" vinyl banding for strength and durability. Unlike traditional bandings that hold moisture and rot thread, our vinyl material will not absorb moisture resulting in a longer thread life.
Special zig zag stitching for securing D-ring
Banding can be ordered any color for a customized color look
24" spacing between D-Rings